Table 2.

Carbonate stable isotope data and temperatures calculated from the oxygen data using the equation of Shackleton & Kennett (1975) with a seawater δ18O of −1.2 SMOW

Sampleδ18O (% PDB)δ13C (% VPDB)Calculated T (°C)
A, concretion−2.7−19.923.7
A, teredinid tube−3.6−8.628.0
A, pseudofacies−2.6−15.623.2
A, wood cement−2.6−16.023.2
A, tube cement zones 1 & 2−2.9−19.724.6
A, tube cement zones 4 & 5−4.8−19.734.0
A, fracture calcite−2.7−20.923.7
A, fracture calcite−3.3−19.626.5
B, concretion−2.7−18.923.7
B, burrow cement−2.3−18.721.8
B, wood cement−2.6−17.423.2
B, tube cement zone 1−3.2−20.926.1
B, tube cement all zones−3.0−19.525.1
E, concretion−3.0−19.025.1
E, tube cement all zones−8.4−14.850.5
F, concretion−3.3−22.226.5
F, tube−4.2−24.630.4
F, tube cement all zones−6.5−21.641.0
G, concretion−3.6−22.628.0
G, tube−4.7−22.533.3
G, tube cement all zones−4.2−22.430.4