Table 2.

Maximum early Cenozoic palaeotemperatures, missing Mesozoic cover and Cenozoic erosion estimates

Well/localityEarly Cenozoic maximum palaeotemperature base Westphalian A (°C)Missing Mesozoic cover: range* (km)Missing Mesozoic cover: preferred estimate (km)Total Mesozoic cover: preferred estimate (km)Cenozoic erosion:* preferred estimate (km)
Up Holland—11251.65–
South Lanes1351.0–
  • At base of section within Westphalian A strata.

  • Lower bound assumes eroded Mesozoic was mostly Jurassic shale; upper bound mostly Cretaceous Chalk. For South Lanes, Knutsford, Hepworth and Calow lower bound also assumes 50 mW m−2 heat flow and upper bound 45 mW m−2 heat flow.

  • Cenozoic erosion estimates, obtained by adding estimated eroded Westphalian to the missing Mesozoic cover estimates, are equivalent to post‐Cretaceous uplift minus present elevation (mostly low but up to 300 m at Hepworth).