Table 1.

Summary of evidence for faulting in evaporite sequences

Basin and localityEvidenceDisplacementReference
Northern Red SeaEarthquake faulting propagated from pre-salt basement causing 1 m offset of beach terraces at surfaceNormal 1 mW. Bosworth (pers. comm.)
Nova Scotia Maritimes Carboniferous Basin, Pugwash MineFaults in salt mine at 600 m depth with euhedral blue halite crystals and oil staining and striae along fault planeNormal fault <0.5 m apparent displacementThis paper
Sergipe–Alagoas Basin, NE BrazilNumerous thrust and strike-slip faults with methane migration along open fault planes or recrystallized halite crystalsThrust and strike-slip <1 m displacementThis paper and Carvalho et al. (1995)
Boulby Mine, Cleveland Basin, Zechstein, NE EnglandThrust fault in mine gallery10 mThis paper and R. Holmes (unpubl. data)
Strophades, West Hellenic arcOffset of ground surfaceCo-seismic thrust 10 cm, strike-slip 12 cmStiros (2005)
Kuh e Namaq, Zagros Mountains, Iran; Eivaneky plateau, Alborz MtsRadial and concentric tensional fracturing in salt surface exposures; faults with slickenlines in salt quarryMaximum c. 10 cm tensional openingTalbot & Aftabi (2004)
Werra Salt, German Zechstein basinFaults in overburden linked to shear zones and sink holesNormal metre scaleSchilder & Schwandt (1983)