Table 1.

Sample locations, descriptions and mean magmatic ages

Sample numberLongitude (decimal degrees)Latitude (decimal degrees)Elevation (m)LithologySpot analyses*Magmatic analyses†Age (Ma)‡Error ± (Ma)§
Upper Unit
CS-021E 116.551N 6.0783827Biotite granodiorite31257.850.08
Middle Unit
CS-020E 116.562N 6.0683847Hornblende granite19167.690.07
CS-018E 116.567N 6.0654096Hornblende granite31197.640.11
CS-059E 116.560N 6.0713980Aplite dyke26267.580.07
CS-070E 116.583N 6.0973527Hornblende granite18187.440.09
CS-072E 116.579N 6.0744007Hornblende granite27227.460.08
Lower Unit
CS-027E 116.565N 6.0563096Porphyritic hb granite21217.320.09
CS-054E 116.598N 6.0562125Porphyritic hb granite32177.220.07
CS-007E 116.563N 6.0482888Microgranite dyke18137.380.08
  • * Total number of spot analyses made on sample.

  • † Number of analyses giving magmatic ages.

  • ‡ Mean age of all accepted magmatic analyses.

  • § Errors are 1σ.

  • Longitude and latitude data are based on global positioning system (GPS) measurements. Altitude data are based on position within a detailed digital elevation model (DEM).