Table 3.

Published estimates of slip rate on the Altyn Tagh Fault

NumberMethodLongitude (°E)Estimate (mm a−1)Reference
1Thrust offsets92–957–9Yin & Harrison (2000)
2Facies offset92–9512–16Yue et al. (2001)
3Sedimentary offset90–947–11Yin et al. (2002)
4Palaeomagnetic rotations86–9527–45Chen et al. (2002)
5Zircon date granite clasts91–92<10Yue et al. (2003)
6Tectonic belt and batholith offsets82–8610–16Cowgill et al. (2003)
Late Quaternary
7Stream, terrace and moraine offset78–9620–30Peltzer et al. (1989)
8Stream, fan and terrace offset962–6Meyer et al. (1996)
9Cosmogenic dated offsets7812–23Ryerson et al. (1999)
10Cosmogenic and 14C dated offsets7810–14Tapponnier et al. (2001a)
11Cosmogenic and 14C dated offsets8725–37Tapponnier et al. (2001a)
12Cosmogenic and 14C dated offsets9036–34Tapponnier et al. (2001a)
13Cosmogenic and 14C dated offsets9415–31Tapponnier et al. (2001a)
14Palaeoseismology90–9310–20Washburn et al. (2003)
15Cosmogenic and 14C dated offsets*8720–34Meriaux et al. (2004)
16Cosmogenic and 14C dated offsets9414–20Meriaux et al. (2005)
17Cosmogenic and TL dated offsets†85–86.515.5–19.5Xu et al. (2005)
18Cosmogenic and TL dated offsets†94–957.5–14.5Xu et al. (2005)
19Cosmogenic and TL dated offsets†963.8–5.8Xu et al. (2005)
20Cosmogenic and TL dated offsets†972–2.4Xu et al. (2005)
21Offsets reinterpreted from *86.47–12Cowgill (2007)
22Offsets reinterpreted from †858–12Zhang et al. (2007)
23Offsets reinterpreted from †86.55–10.5Zhang et al. (2007)
24Offsets reinterpreted from †94–956–13Zhang et al. (2007)
25Offsets reinterpreted from †965–9Zhang et al. (2007)
26Offsets reinterpreted from †96.52–6Zhang et al. (2007)
27Offsets reinterpreted from †96.5–971–2.5Zhang et al. (2007)
28Cosmogenic and 14C dated offsets86.78–17Gold et al. (2009)
2914C dated offsets88.59–14Cowgill et al. (2009)
30GPS 1994–199889–914–14Bendick et al. (2000)
31GPS 1991–1998927–11Chen et al. (2000)
32GPS 1991–1998934–8Chen et al. (2000)
33GPS 1993–1998c. 804–10Shen et al. (2001)
34GPS 1993–1998c. 907–11Shen et al. (2001)
35GPS 1994–200288–915–13Wallace et al. (2004)
36InSAR 1992–199979–800–10Wright et al. (2004)
37GPS synthesis904–7Zhang et al. (2004)
38GPS synthesis953–7Zhang et al. (2004)
39GPS 1998–200484–9315.9Gan et al. (2007)
40GPS 1998–200493–9510.8Gan et al. (2007)
41GPS 1998–200495–974.3Gan et al. (2007)
42GPS 1998–200497–1001.6Gan et al. (2007)
43GPS 1998–200483–8612–20Zhang et al. (2007)
44GPS 1998–200489–918.6–15.2Zhang et al. (2007)
45GPS 1998–200493–956.5–11.1Zhang et al. (2007)
46GPS 1998–2004961.6–6.2Zhang et al. (2007)
47InSAR 1995–2006948–10Jolivet et al. (2008)
48InSAR 1992–2000866–16Elliott et al. (2008)
Plateau-scale modelling
49Block model80–10016–46Armijo et al. (1989)
50Block model (Quaternary constraint)82–9027–30Avouac & Tapponnier (1993)
51Block model (Quaternary constraint)75–8220–25Avouac & Tapponnier (1993)
52GPS constraints80–966.4–8.4Xiong et al. (2003)
53Continuum model (GPS and Quaternary constraints)80–938–9England & Molnar (2005)
54Microplate model (GPS constraint)76–842–3Meade (2007)
55Microplate model (GPS constraint)84–945–6Meade (2007)
56Microplate model (GPS constraint)94–973Meade (2007)
57Microplate model (GPS constraint)86–928–9Thatcher (2007)
58GPS and Quaternary constraints865–14He & Chery (2008)
59GPS and Quaternary constraints9314–18He & Chery (2008)
60GPS and Quaternary constraints965–14He & Chery (2008)
  • The estimates are grouped by geologically constrained offsets, Quaternary dated offsets, geodetically derived rates (GPS and InSAR) and also estimates from modelling calculations of plateau-wide deformation models. Within each category, estimates are listed by ascending publication date. TL, thermoluminescence dating.