Table 1.

Comparison of chronostratigraphic calibrations from five sectors of the North Sea, used in this study to identify the basal Quaternary surface

SectorStudyMarkerWellBenthic ForaminiferaUnconformityDate based on A15-03 (Ma)Depth at A15-03 (mbsf)Depth at Josephine-1 (mbsf)
UKKnudsen & Asbjörnsdóttir (1991), Buckley (2012, 2017)Crenulated reflectorJosephine-1Cibicides grossusn.a.c. 1.8400771
NorwegianOttesen et al. (2014)Base-NAUSTn.a.n.a.Top-Utsira unconformityCannot be correlatedCannot be correlatedc. 950
DutchKuhlmann et al. (2006)Pollen climatic degradationA15-03Monspeliensina pseudotepidan.a.2.5810591096
DutchKuhlmann et al. (2006)MIS 92A15-03Melonis affinis, Elphidiella hannai & Cassidulina assemblagen.a.c. 2.35773980
DanishNielsen et al. (2008)Neogene–Quaternary hiatusn.a.n.a.Southern North Sea regional unconformity2.5810591096
GermanThöle et al. (2014)Dinocyst assemblage I. multiplexumB-15-3, G-5-1, G-11-1n.a.Southern North Sea regional unconformity2.5810591096

Studies include Knudsen & Asbjörnsdóttir (1991); Kuhlmann et al. (2006); Nielsen et al. (2008); Buckley (2012, 2017); Ottesen et al. (2014) and Thöle et al. (2014). mbsf, metres below seafloor; n.a., not analysed.