Table 2.

U–Pb and Pb-Pb data for Khoy flaser gabbros

Properties*Weight (µg)U (ppm)Pbi (ppm)206/204§207/235||2σ (abs)||206/238||2σ (abs)||rho||207/206||2σ (abs)||206/238 (Ma)||2σ (abs)||207/235 (Ma)||2σ (abs)||238/2042σ (%)206/2042σ (%)235/2042σ (%)207/2042σ (%)
KY15-1; flaser gabbro (GPS data: N38.35.85, E44.57.00)
RUT + TIT8083.790.8225.3210.1410.0250.023150.000190.510.04420.0076147.51.2133.921.9296.130.425.3810.12.1480.416.0510.2

* RUT, rutile; TIT, titanite; HBL, hornblende.

Weight and concentrations are known to better than 10%.

Pbi is initial Pb (corrected for blank).

§ Raw data, corrected for fractionation and spike.

|| Corrected for fractionation, spike, blank (206/204 = 18.59; 207/204 = 15.24) and initial common Pb (the hornblende Pb composition); error calculated by propagating the main sources of uncertainty. The U–Pb ratio of the spike used for this study is adapted to 206Pb/238 U = 0.015660 for the ET100 solution as obtained with the ET2535 spike at NIGL.

Corrected for fractionation, spike and blank.