Table 2.

Parameters used in 3D inversion modelling

Crust density (ρc)2.7 g cm−3
Mantle density (ρm)3.3 g cm−3
Lithosphere plate thickness125 km
Reference Moho depth range18–38 km
Initial sediment porosity at the seabed (Φ0)0.55
Compaction parameter (c) for sediment correction4.5 × 10−4 m−1
Filter cut-off wavelength60 km
Reference temperature1350°C
Temperature at the surface of the plate0°C
Temperature at the bottom of the plate (Tm)1350°C
Thermal expansion coefficient (α)3.28 × 10−5°C−1
Best reference Moho depth from inversion method22.44 km; rms: 2.08