Table 1.

Location and brief description of igneous samples collected from Oman.

SampleLongitude (decimal degrees)Latitude (decimal degrees)MineralogyRock typeField observations
Jebel Akhdar
Granitic diamictite clast (O14-04)57.66723.063Pl, Ksp, Bt, QzGranite clastRounded to sub-rounded clasts within a fine-grained matrix. Granitic clast about c. 25 cm. Coarse grained
Granitic diamictite clast (O14-08)58.13420.948Pl, Ksp, Bt, QzGranite clastRounded to sub-rounded rocks with a fine-grained matrix. Granitic clast is c. 15 cm. Fine grained when compared with other clasts present
Al Jobah
Granite (AJ14-19)59.36022.128Qz, Ksp, Bt ± PlAl Jobah GraniteGranites are slightly deformed, with evidence of magma mingling present. Thin (c. 10 cm) pink granitic dykes cross-cut. Outcrop is sparse
Microgranite (AJ14-23)58.03920.902Qz, Ksp, Bt ± PlMicrograniteVery fine grained, sitting on top of the coarser grained granite (AJ14-19). Outcrop is isolated and small
Granite (AJ14–25)58.04220.908Qz, Ksp, Bt, PlGraniteHomogeneous granite with mafic enclaves. No fabric present
Granite (MR15-01)54.69317.013Qz, Pl, Ksp, BtMirbat GraniteMirbat granite cross-cuts the surrounding gneisses and contains xenoliths of dark bt-rich gneiss
Tonalite (MR15-02)55.07417.044Pl, Bt, Hbl, QzTonaliteAreas of the tonalite have been foliated. Cross-cutting dykes are seen in outcrop. Mafic enclaves present in the tonalite
Tonalite (MR15-04)55.24917.219Pl, Ksp, Bt, QzTonaliteThe tonalite contains mafic xenoliths, interpreted to be from the older surrounding gneiss. Cross-cutting felsic pegmatites and mafic dykes intruding
Monzonite (MR15-05)55.24917.219Pl, Ksp, Bt, QzMonzoniteMafic enclaves present within the unit, making it heterogeneous. A weak foliation seen and intruding felsic and mafic dykes
Gneiss (MR15-07)55.18817.185Qz, Pl, Ksp, BtSadh ComplexInterlayered with mafic amphibolites. A cross-cutting felsic phase is also present

GPS coordinates are based on the WGS84 datum. Where possible rock classifications were adapted from previous publications based on geochemical data.