Table 1.

Main fabric characteristics of the selected samples

SamplePrimary fabric (main mineralogical assemblage)Secondary (tectonic) fabric
Rheological regimeStructuresMain mineral assemblage
TB59Igneous, fine-grained texture (cpx + pl)DuctileSyn-greenschist mylonitic foliation; corona structures around cpx grainspl + am + chl + ep + ilm + ttn + ox
TB61Relicts of igneous texture, fine- to coarse-grained texture (cpx + pl)Ductile to semi-brittleShear veinpl + am(+qtz)
TB62Igneous, coarse-grained texture (cpx + pl)Semi-brittleCorona structures around and microcracks in cpx grainspl + am + chl

am, amphibole; chl, chlorite; cpx, clinopyroxene; ep, epidote; ilm, ilmenite; ox, oxides; pl, plagioclase; qtz, quartz; ttn, titanite.