Table 2.

Dimensions and timing of forced folds related igneous intrusions in the Wichianburi Sub-basin (see Fig. 9 for detailed maps)

Fold (age in Ma)Area (km2)Relief/depth to crestOrientationMaximum length (km)
F1 (12–11)10.5200 ms TWT (c. 230 m)/surfaceNorth–south to NNE–SSW3.6
F2 (12–11)15.0240 ms TWT (c. 275 m)/80 ms TWTNorth–south to NNE–SSW4.4
F3 (12–11)5.7190 ms TWT (c. 218 m)/surfaceNorth–south to NNE–SSW2.7
F4 (16–14 and 13–12)3.7140 ms TWT (c. 160 m)/220 ms TWTNorth–south3.0
F5 (16–14)6.6185 ms TWT (c. 212 m)/550 ms TWTNorth–south2.9