Table 1. 

Input values for equation (1)

Late Early MioceneMiddle MioceneLate MiocenePliocene–Recent
vs (km3)15 00036 00040 00038 000
a (km2)46 20046 20046 20046 200
a1 (km2)9000600020001000
a2 (km2)Minor to 13 600?Minor to 5500?10000
a3 (km2)4600460000
vrw (km3)10 000600020000
  • vs, volume of sedimentary basin; ρd, difference in average density between rocks in the basin and rocks eroded from the mountains; vrw, volume of eroded and redeposited sediment lacking from sedimentary record at time of reconstruction; vo, volume of material (in solution or as sediment) added to or lost from the basin is not shown, as it is assumed to be zero; a, present-day drainage area; a1, drainage area between present-day shoreline and palaeoshoreline at time of reconstruction; a2, drainage area lost by shortening between time of restoration and the present day; a3, drainage area submerged below sea level at time of restoration.