Table 2. 

Results for input values (Table 1) using equation (1) as estimate of exhumation at drainage divide for the four time periods, and as total exhumation

Late Early MioceneMiddle MioceneLate MiocenePliocene to RecentTotal exhumation
Exhumation scenario 1 (km);0.831.841.611.45c. 5.7
including ρd, a1, a3, and excluding a2, vrw
Exhumation scenario 2 (km);0.591.591.571.45c. 5.2
including ρd, a1, a2, a3, and excluding vrw
Exhumation scenario 3 (km);1.021.881.661.45c. 6.0
including ρd, a1, a2, a3, vrw
Time span (Ma)
Erosion rate (mm ka−1)105–182283–335280–296290238–275